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AAA Reserve Currency (formerly Arc) is an asset-backed cryptocurrency - collateralised by cash, gilts and AAA-rated credit investments.

1 AAA = $USD 0.99

We accept USD, EUR, GBP, JPY and most fiat currencies

Minimum subscription $25,000 (or equivalent value in another currency).

New: Trade BTC/AAA and ETH/AAA pairs directly at www.arccy.org.

1. Open your account to trade. Minimum initial deposit: 1 ETH  -  0.1 BTC  -  100 AAA

2. Contact hello@arccy.org to request an account upgrade to a Trading Account. Hurry - only the first 1,000 trading accounts are free.

View Net Asset Value (NAV) of Arc Fiduciary Ltd and the NAV per AAA coin →



Please note: AAA coin is subject to certain restrictions including in the U.S. Please refer to documentation for details 

Asset-backed cryptocurrency with price controls
How it Works

AAA coin is an asset-backed cryptocurrency - collateralised by cash, gilts and AAA-rated credit investments.

Proceeds from the issuance of AAA coins are placed into Arc Fiduciary Ltd - a ring-fenced Jersey-registered company - and invested into cash, gilts (government-backed bonds) and fixed income; across multiple fiat currencies to support the value of AAA coins.



View the Net Asset Value (NAV) of Arc Fiduciary Ltd and the NAV per AAA coin →

Passionate about a stablecoin

"A private currency would prevail if it is essentially stable in value and prevent both excessive stimulation of investment and the consequent periods of contraction." - Friedrich Hayek. Nobel prize winning economist.

Enabling savers in developing countries

Over 2 billion people live in countries with high inflation or significant political and financial instability.  Without a reliable currency and somewhere safe to store their savings it is very difficult to save and plan for their futures.

AAA Reserve can enable people to save and plan for their future globally - beating inflation and out of reach of untrusted counterparties.  This is why we are passionate about a stable cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency on and off ramp

It can be difficult, costly and time consuming to transact between fiat and cryptocurrencies. And holding funds in most cryptocurrencies will expose you to significant volatility in the value of your holdings.

AAA Reserve is an efficient and effective way to hold your cryptocurrency balances with lower volatility, and a trusted method for moving back into fiat currency if needed.

Crypto retailing

Many retailers want to accept cryptocurrencies but the transaction costs of using BTC and the high volatility of other cryptocurrencies makes it difficult for retailers to accept crypto.

AAA Reserve is well suited to retailers, enabling customers and sellers alike to benefit from better price certainty in their day-to-day transactions.

We love collaboration: if you operate a crypto-bank, exchange or retail outlet - or have other ideas for collaboration for the AAA Reserve stablecoin - please contact us: hello@arccy.org

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Documentation and Code

AAA coin is an ERC20 compliant token on the Ethereum protocol, whose price is related to a pool of underlying assets held by a not-for-profit SPV.


Contract Address: 

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AAA coin Whitepaper and Overview

A non-technical introduction to AAA coin, including the financial features.

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Information Memorandum

The Information Memorandum for coin issuance - the primary legal document for AAA coin.

View document

Technical Whitepaper

Including Proof-of-Funds; Proof-of-Reserves, and Proof-of-Identity. View code on Github

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Please note: the Information Memorandum is the primary document for the issuance of Arc Coin.

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Creating AAA Reserve

Built by the community for the community. AAA Reserve has been created in collaboration between financial investment experts, economists and developers.

Team and Advisers

The authors have been supported by a wide range of advisers, experts and other team members including:

• a currency volatility trader at a leading hedge fund;

• a former trader at Goldman Sachs; and

• a former investment committee member at a leading CLO fund.


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Purchasing Your AAA coins

Create Account

Create your account at www.arccy.org/signup/create-account.

You will need an ERC20 compliant wallet to hold your AAA coins.

Complete KYC / AML

You will be notified when your Proof-of-Identity checks are complete. We may need additional information for some purchasers.

Wire funds

We accept most major national (fiat) currencies. Please note the minimum subscription using a fiat currency is $25,000 (or equivalent amount).

You will be sent wiring instructions after Proof-of-Identity checks are complete.

.New: trade BTC/AAA and ETH/AAA pairs at www.arccy.org. You will need to contact support - hello@arccy.org - to request an account upgrade to a Trading Account.

Contact and Connect

Telegram   t.me/aaareserve

Twitter   @ArcReserveC